C.e.t. oral hygiene

There is also the option of using pet dental chews and treats, which also can help with breaking down plaque and tartar involved in bad breath. Two excellent chews I have found helpful are Greenies Dental Chews , and . Oral Hygiene Chews . For my holistic oriented clients I have found that feeding dogs raw (NOT cooked) marrow bones, beef backs, chicken backs, as well as feeding cats raw chicken wings can make a remarkable difference in the health of the teeth and gums. Although many veterinarians are vehemently against giving raw bones for fear of E-coli or Salmonella exposure, salmonella has actually been a part of normal cat's digestive tract flora in many cases, and cause little problem in most pets, unless they are immune suppressed and/or on immune suppressive therapy.

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C.e.t. oral hygiene

c.e.t. oral hygiene


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