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I have decided that I’m tired of being the skinny guy and giving myself the month of March to get into a routine of being more healthy and fitter. I’ve joined the gym at work and doing 2 body pump classes, a pilates and a yoga class during the week and a boot camp session on Saturday. I definitely have muscle soreness but I assume I’m good to keep that up until I decide on the magic powers of Vince. I want to keep my slim waist but want to bulk up on my shoulders, chest and arms..do I have to eat like a trooper in order to get results?

Even if you used Optimum’s Natural Whey protein (which is a mid-grade protein without the artificial sweetners) in place of Organic Warrior Whey you’d still be better off than using the Procomplex Gainer because of all the other whole foods in the shake. However, after doing my research and looking for a high quality, organic whey protein… I truly believe Warrior Whey is one of the best proteins on the market. Ori Hofmekler, the creator of this protein, even has the certifications to prove that they are grass fed cows and that the protein contains what they claim it does. Hope this helps with your decision!

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Dave ruel anabolic cooking pdf free

dave ruel anabolic cooking pdf free


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