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bundles config is useful if doing a build and that build target was not an existing module ID, or if you have loader plugin resources in built JS files that should not be loaded by the loader plugin. Note that the keys and values are module IDs , not path segments. They are absolute module IDs, not a module ID prefix like paths config or map config . Also, bundle config is different from map config in that map config is a one-to-one module ID relationship, where bundle config is for pointing multiple module IDs to a bundle's module ID.

Old English æt , from Proto-Germanic *at (cf. Old Norse, Gothic at , Old Frisian et , Old High German az ), from PIE *ad- "to, near, at" (cf. Latin ad "to, toward" Sanskrit adhi "near;" see ad- ).

Lost in German and Dutch, which use their equivalent of to ; in Scandinavian, however, to has been lost and at fills its place. In choosing between at church , in church , etc. at is properly distinguished from in or on by involving some practical connection; a worshipper is at church; a tourist is in the church.

The colloquial use of at after where ("where it's at") is attested from 1859. At last is recorded from late 13c.; adverbial phrase at least was in use by 1775. At in Middle English was used freely with prepositions (. at after , which is in Shakespeare), but this has faded with the exception of at about , which was used in modern times by Trollope, Virginia Woolfe, . Lawrence, and Evelyn Waugh, but nonetheless is regarded as a sign of incompetent writing by my copy editor bosses.

In all these, a process is defined for loading the indenter, measuring the resulting indentation and calculating a hardness number. Each of these three sequences of measurement operations produces numbers that are consistent with our subjective idea of hardness. The harder the material to our informal perception, the greater the number it will achieve on our respective hardness scales. Furthermore, experimental results obtained using these measurement methods has shown that the hardness number can be used to predict the stress required to permanently deform steel, a characteristic that fits in well with our idea of resistance to permanent deformation. However, there is not always a simple relationship between the various hardness scales. Vickers and Rockwell hardness numbers exhibit qualitatively different behaviour when used to describe some materials and phenomena.

Define dehydrochlormethyltestosterone

define dehydrochlormethyltestosterone


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