East german desserts

Regarding bread , German cuisine is more varied than that of either Eastern or Western Europe [ citation needed ] . Bread types range from white wheat bread ( Weißbrot ) to grey ( Graubrot ) to black ( Schwarzbrot ), actually dark brown rye bread. Most breads contain both wheat and rye flour (hence Mischbrot , mixed bread), and often also wholemeal and whole seeds such as linseed , sunflower seed, or pumpkin seed ( Vollkornbrot ). Darker, rye-dominated breads, such as Vollkornbrot or Schwarzbrot , are typical of German cuisine. Pumpernickel , a steamed, sweet-tasting bread, is internationally well known, although not representative of German black bread as a whole. Most German breads are made with sourdough . Whole grain is also preferred for high fiber. Germans use almost all available types of grain for their breads: wheat, rye, barley, spelt, oats, millet, corn and rice. Some breads are even made with potato starch flour .

East german desserts

east german desserts


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