East german ostalgie

But the whole Winterling group drifted into financial problems and the SKV-Porzellan-Union . made an offer to take over the Arzberg trademark and assets which was accepted in August 2000. This resulted in a name change of the group to SKV-Arzberg-Porzellan . with its main office in Arzberg; three months later the whole Winterling group collapsed and had to file for bankruptcy in November 2000. The Porzellanfabrik Arzberg had been saved by the . ; ironically the amount of money spent on the deal was exactly what the . had saved by closing the Vohenstrauß factory.

The room is dominated by a portrait of senior SED Communist Party official Willi Stoph, who died in 1999. Of course, it's not in every person's taste to have to sleep under the watchful eyes of an SED man who was arrested after the fall of the Wall for crimes committed under the Communist Party -- even if, in the end, he was deemed unfit to stand trial. Indeed, some guests have already complained about some of the photos. But Helbig dismisses the criticism, saying: "We're completely apolitical and these pictures are just intended as a joke."

East german ostalgie

east german ostalgie


east german ostalgieeast german ostalgieeast german ostalgieeast german ostalgieeast german ostalgie