East german volksarmee

Weapons and vehicles that either weren’t funded, or weren’t fully developed because of budget reasons might end up taking the field, as wartime needs overrule budgetary concerns. I know I did some research previously, and the US in particular had serveral SPAA missile launch systems that were canceled for budget reasons around that time period. The US never really prioritized those systems because doctrine often required air superiority by the air force, and any remaining threats could be dealt with either by stationary SAMs (Patriot) or by modifications like strapping Stinger Missiles to things like M2 Bradleys.

The communist German Democratic Republic was established in the historic "Mitteldeutschland" ( Middle Germany ). Former German territories east of the Oder and Neisse rivers, mainly the Prussian provinces of Pomerania , East Prussia , West Prussia , Upper Silesia , Lower Silesia , the eastern Neumark of Brandenburg , and a small piece of Saxony were thus detached from Germany. To compensate Poland for the USSR's annexation of its eastern provinces, the Allies provisionally established Poland's post-war western border at the Oder–Neisse line at the Yalta Conference (1945). As a result, most of Germany's central territories became the Sowjetische Besatzungszone (SBZ, Soviet Occupation Zone). All other lands east of the Oder–Neisse line were put under Polish administration, with the exception of historic northern East Prussia , which went to the USSR. [28]

In wartime, mobilization of the NVA's reserves would have nearly doubled its strength. GDR authorities also had at their disposal the internal security troops of the Ministry of the Interior (East Germany) (the Kasernierte Volkspolizei or garrisoned People's Police ) and the Ministry for State Security (East Germany)]] (the Felix Dzerzhinsky Watch Regiment ) along with the 210,000 strong party auxiliary " Combat Groups of the Working Class " ( Kampfgruppen der Arbeiterklasse ), who were available in times of war.

East german volksarmee

east german volksarmee


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