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At the July 2011 meeting, a CDC representative presented a review of the 2005 guideline recommendations, surveillance data on occupational exposures from the National Surveillance System for Healthcare Workers, 12 and data from the National Clinicians’ Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Hotline (PEPline) on the number of occupational exposures to HIV managed annually, PEP regimens recommended, and challenges experienced with implementation of the 2005 guidelines. An FDA representative presented a review of the new medications that have become available since 2005 for the treatment of HIV-infected individuals, information about medication tolerability and toxicity, and the use of these medications during pregnancy. These presentations were followed by a discussion of the topics listed above.

A: Yes, GIQuIC is an approved QCDR for the PQRS 2016 reporting learn more about GIQuIC and QCDR reporting please visit our PQRS page . This page includes detailed measure specifications, a recording of an informational webinar, and FAQs specific to PQRS reporting via GIQuIC. A: Participants will be able to obtain reports on-demand that enable them to compare their performance to the other providers within their group, compare to the aggregated performance of the entire GIQuIC registry (aka the study), and compare to the established performance targets, as available. Standard reports for established performance measures are available for use, and further, participants can create reports at will using their own data that can be readily retrieved from the registry.

Gi prophylaxis with steroids

gi prophylaxis with steroids


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