High eye pressure caused by steroid drops

Hi Mark! Thank you for answering. My blood pressure is low on the regular. My normal doctors don’t question it, but if I go see a new doctor, they always ask me is my pressure normal for me?? I am a type 1 diabetic just like the person that I took the recommendations from above. I have no other complications besides the Diabetes and Glaucoma and quite healthy otherwise. I am 5’2″ and 110 lbs. I have a quick metabolism and enjoy eating. I struggle to pick up weight. I said all that to say blood pressure just has never been an issue for me. I was diagnosed with glaucoma when I was 19 and a sophomore in college. I hated having to put eye drops in my eyes. So I just stopped all together in my mid twenties. I’m 33 now. I had my eye pressure checked approximately Nov/Dec 2014. The eye doctor told me my pressures were entirely too high and urged me to take some drops to bring it down. I can’t remember precise numbers. I do know my left eye is always a bit worse than my right eye. My left eye I think was 30-35 and my right eye was maybe 25-28. He told me my right eye was not much better. I wasn’t focusing too much on my eyes at the time of the appointment however. I had been focusing on improving the A1c of the diabetes I’m diagnosed with. So like I said earlier, I am now taking the Forskolin and Solgar Omega 3’s. I also try to juice daily and always include carrots or carrot juice and other leafy vegetables as they say that is good for your eyes as well. I just recently researched eye pressure kits. I did see that they are often inaccurate so that’s what prompted me to ask my earlier question. Thank you again for your reply. I guess i will just make an appointment sometime in the near future. I know my eye doctor will fuss though. I am not big on medicine and definitely not surgery. I believe everything is in fact curable. If you or anyone else has suggestions ever, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

At one of your initial visits after glaucoma treatments have been initiated your doctor will choose a target pressure as a goal pressure for your eyes. This target eye pressure is your doctor’s best guess as to a “safe” pressure so no further glaucoma nerve damage develops. The number will depend on how high the eye pressure was before treatment, how much damage has developed, and your age and medical conditions. It is beneficial for you to understand the concept of a target pressure and know the target pressure your doctor has chosen for your eyes. If you don’t know your target pressure, ask your doctor at your next visit.

High eye pressure caused by steroid drops

high eye pressure caused by steroid drops


high eye pressure caused by steroid dropshigh eye pressure caused by steroid dropshigh eye pressure caused by steroid dropshigh eye pressure caused by steroid dropshigh eye pressure caused by steroid drops