Pics of pitbulls on steroids

Jager the red-nose American Pitbull Terrier at 5 years old— "APBTs have received a horrible reputation due to misleading media and a few bad dog owners, which is now why we have bans on this breed. Not only do people want to ban this breed, the Marine Corps have deemed this a dangerous breed and have banned them from all Marine bases. This I have a huge problem with considering I can die for this country serving in the Marines to help protect people but I can't own a family member that can protect my own family while I am deployed. Thanks for the support to the ones that helped put these bans in place."

Smasher is son to Xtremebullypitbulls Comet and Pearl a Big Show Bodacious(RIP)
Daughter. Smasher is littermates with (120lb) Poe and (115lb) Cocky. So u knw this
boy can produce he is short back and more compact then his brothers. He is a comet clone.
Smashers dad is one of the best producers in the xl bully world so we are glad to have
one of his son and comet clone at that. Smashers grandfather Bodacious(RIP) was one of the most sought after studs in the country. Pearl is also a known producer she has 160lb son from a different litter. Smashers ped is full of heavy hitters and was born to produce.

Maybe I want to know for myself. She get all the love she can handle. Now if you have any info that will help me, give it, otherwise mind your own business and love your dog, I dont need any advice or help on how to love mine, thanks! I didnt ask for anything other than where I can get the test. Why do you care what difference it makes to me? If you are on this site to bitch at other owners, than maybe you are not here for the right reasons. I am sure there is some lonely person club you can subscribe to. So either help me with my inquiry or keep your bs to yourself...

Pics of pitbulls on steroids

pics of pitbulls on steroids


pics of pitbulls on steroidspics of pitbulls on steroidspics of pitbulls on steroidspics of pitbulls on steroidspics of pitbulls on steroids