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With the big day finally behind them, the pair are headed for a 10-day honeymoon to Dubai (“We wanted something exotic, romantic and interesting culturally,” says Star). Then what? “We are going day by day, just loving each other,” she says. “Our plan is to start to take back a bit of our privacy.” And perhaps to exchange the grand Cinderella style for something a little more practical. “The wedding was for the 8-year-old in me,” says Star, “but the marriage is for the woman I have become.”

Once again, Marc Jacobs is also knocking his latest campaign out of the park, gathering together an extremely diverse smattering of his favorite fashion muses. Like previous campaigns from the designer, the images call upon some of his favorite fashion muses, like Cara Delevigne , mixed together with completely off-the-wall choices like Missy Elliott  (wearing the reimagined Canada Goose Manitoba parka from his FW16 show) and  Sissy Spacek , and taking a page out of Saint Laurent’s book with Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson .

For the opening of the Australasian leg, the tour received favorable reviews. Jess Etheridge from reviewed her New Zealand concert, and gave it a positive review. She described her rapping structure and techniques "electrifying and breathtaking." She also praised her "interactions with the crowd showed how funny and natural she is, which was refreshing." However, she did point out her "Long costume changes without any entertainment on stage, such as dancers, made the show feel disjointed and slowed the momentum." [13] However, Damien Grant from New Zealand Herald also reviewed the same location, and gave it a mixed-to-favorable review. First, he was critical on her performance because he felt that the audience wanted Roman (Minaj's alter ego) and said that when they heard Nicki than Roman "they were ecstatic." [14] He also felt that most songs were "truncated" and felt that the production "drowned her." [14] However, he was positive towards her rapping and vocal delivery and stated it was a "good night, but was too short" and concluded "Engaging but not enthralling." [14] However, Shandelle Battersb from the same publication reviewed the same place and gave it a positive review, writing "Minaj delivered an almost perfect pop show, high in theatrics with excellent stage effects – including some alarmingly large fireballs – and dripping with diversity and talent." [15]

Pink stars steroids

pink stars steroids


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