Steroid shot for asthma

Thank you for your posts. I too have some kind of shoulder injury. However mine is NOT from the flu but from Prevnar (either meningitis or pneumonia), and it was a 4th semester nursing student, about to graduate, who injected me. When she wiped my shoulder I told her she was too high (I am a surgical tech and just got into nursing school myself) I told her to go lower, she said ok and dropped down maybe 2 mm. I instantly had pain in my shoulder joint. I have no previous injuries to my shoulder but by the end of the day I had lost almost all range of motion in my arm. The loss of ROM lasted for almost 3 days but never fully returned. I cant lift my arm in certain directions and the pain is through the roof at times, especially when scrubbing and gowning and gloving surgeons. Its been 9 days and nothing helps. Can anyone tell me if the symptoms they were experiencing went away?

I appreciate the sentiment and concern expressed, but I personally alternative therapies have saved my quality of life.
I have experienced with my extended family, dangerous and life threatening reactions to pharmaceuticals. I’ve also seen pharmaceuticals save my family members. I’m all for quality control and more studies, but who will pay if there isn’t big money in it for them. I just wish we had well funded government studies unmotivated by profit – so these other therapies were studied. I’m comfortable in the meantime – using essential oils as well as other therapies.

A neb treatment has 2500 mcg of Albuterol, while two puffs of an MDI is 200 mcg of the same medicine. The increase in heart rate often noted with the neb reflects the higher dose. So how do we explain the often reported similar subjective and lung response in patients regardless of delivery method ? I’m not sure, but I wonder if the neb dose could be lowered without sacrificing response for those instances where the MDI is effective. Or approach nebs like we do with an MDI: start with 500 – 1000 mcg, and if desired take a second treatment.

Steroid shot for asthma

steroid shot for asthma


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