Steroid shot for poison ivy

This may sound crazy, but people where I’m from swear that pouring gasoline over areas affected by poison ivy/ oak is the most effective treatment… My boyfriend is severely allergic (I, thank goodness, do not react) and he is a landscaper (go figure, huh?) Does anyone have any input on this treatment other than that it is insanely dangerous? Does it actually work for anyone or is it in their heads as a macho-man sort of thing? To me it doesn’t seem to work all that well, and if it does work its just because it dries it up some, but I believe there HAVE TO BE better ways to do that. I will surely try to convince him to use the Fels Naptha soap from now on, but I really would like to know if anyone has tried the gasoline and what they think of it. Cause it definitely scares me!!!! Thanks!

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The only success I ever had at eradicating poison vines from trees was to cut the vine 6-8″ from the ground, pour half a cup of a strong defoliant solution into a baggie, and tie it securely around the end going up into the tree with a twist-tie. Soak the other end in a similar solution and cover it with heavy black plastic, securing it also. Be sure to wear disposable gloves. Strip them off by turning them inside out and dispose of them immediately, then wash your hands with Tecnu or Dawn. Do Not touch your face!! Check the base area of your tree the following spring for re-emergence and re-treat as needed. As someone who is allergic to Virginia creeper, I also advise the purchase and use of a nail brush.

Steroid shot for poison ivy

steroid shot for poison ivy


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