Stewie on steroids season

In other episodes she is portrayed as chronically incapable of finding a boyfriend. For her Junior Prom she accepts a pity date from Brian, the family dog in " Barely Legal ". Brian ends up making out with her at this party, but only because he was highly inebriated, and most likely high, as Lois slipped a bit of weed into is jacket pocket. Meg then becomes infatuated with Brian, going so far as to abduct him in order to have sex with him after he rejects her, but she does not seem to be interested in Brian after this episode. To make up for the lack of boyfriends she made one up, in " Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey ".

Mixed assessments came from Robin Pierson of The TV Critic , giving the season an overall score of 49 out of 100. [43] Pierson said that the show had become "predictable, stale and irritating to watch" and that it had become "just like the TV shows it mocked". He criticized some episodes for "insulting their viewers' intelligence" and for being "badly written", [44] [45] although he praised some of the stories for following a logical progression. [46] Pierson considered "We Love You Conrad" as the best episode of the season (rating it 67 out of 100), [47] and "Baby Not On Board" as the poorest (rating it 12). [48]

Stewie on steroids season

stewie on steroids season


stewie on steroids seasonstewie on steroids seasonstewie on steroids seasonstewie on steroids seasonstewie on steroids season