Superdrol steroid chart

13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)diene-17-one, aka MAX LMG is not a 17aa steroid so liver toxicity is much less than the later.  Max LMG prohormone is progestin designed to provide useres with solid gains in muscle mass with minimal water retention.  Max LMG will also give you higher quality hardening effects on your muscles compared to other prohormones.  Because Max LMG is an anti-progesterone users see increased libido and decreased negative effects of estrogen.

Most users report good results at a dosage of 75mg a day.

They are truly different compounds, bro. Superdrol is the "stronger" of the two drugs and shines when u want to do a dry bulk because it does not produce the water retention u get from Anadrol. A four week Superdrol run should give u fullness and vascularity. Anadrol, still is the reference standard for driving water into the muslce fiber at a low BF giving u a massive almost contest ready appearance. So, bro, I think your choice of anadrol is the right one for your purposes. I don't know anyone that uses Superdrol up to the day of a show to "re-hydrate" the muscle tissue but we use Anadrol and dbol.

Superdrol steroid chart

superdrol steroid chart


superdrol steroid chartsuperdrol steroid chartsuperdrol steroid chartsuperdrol steroid chart