Taking steroids for hives

Acute hives are easier to treat than chronic hives. Even with all of the treatment methods available, there is not treatment that is guaranteed to work for those suffering from hives outbreaks. There are no specific treatment options that can control all hives outbreaks. Even certain medications can become resistant and lose effectiveness over time, causing individuals to try new medications to control their outbreaks. Many hives outbreaks clear up quickly without any treatment. It is also very hard to determine if treatment options work since certain medications take a day or so to build their effectiveness.

To ensure there is no active (hidden) infection causing the hives, some doctors have prescribed a course of antibiotics . In most cases, these did not resolve the cholinergic urticaria symptoms. However, in at least one case reported, an individual reported symptoms resolving after a course of antibiotics. However, more research would need to be conducted to rule out coincidental remission, which happens very frequently with cholinergic urticaria. This condition often spontaneously disappears, which can lead one to believe it was the result of the treatment (which may not be the case).

I just started having hives two nights ago. I thought it was due to mozzie bites. There were hives on the front of my knees and hips. I took a Clarityne and they were gone in several hours. Then again last night, after using all the anti-mosquito repellants possible (air vaporisor, anti-mozzie patches, air conditioning), it happened again, except worse, including my upper arms. So I took another Clarityne and fell to sleep, only to wake with no hives. I think it’s the most recent body wash I’ve started to use, I’ll try to eliminate that and see if it helps. I will also note that I am asthmatic, which means I’m an allergic person. I’ll keep you posted on my recovery (if it comes!)

Taking steroids for hives

taking steroids for hives


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