Test npp dbol cycle

The OP proposes a low dose multi-compound frst cycle. Neither hs deca or test quantities are at decent anabolic levels for a first cycle, particularly at close to 200 pounds. It just seemed to me that he wants a more intense first cycle (I understand!) , but he wants to do it half ass. Double the test, add 100mg of deca, keep the dbol, get proper ancillaries for all three compounds, and pct then it becomes a decent first cycle. Or just go higher test only to see how he responds to AAS. A bad first cycle can affect someone's life negatively for years afterward, a good one can move them faster in the direction they want to go.

My problem with Tren for bulking is that bulking is a long process, usually 3-5 months for me, as I slow bulk. Also I need to eat way above maintenance. Tren gives me terrible acid reflux, runny stool, sleep issues, an the sides become stronger as times goes on. So for Tren I can run it about 8 weeks before I need to drop the compound. Bulking on NPP, I get zero sides, could run it for years straight if the bloods didn't eventually get whacked. Some people get zero sides from Tren and can bulk incredibly well as I understand it. But for me that's not the case. I could add a very low dose to my current 500:500:350 Test:Tren:Mast cycle, but then I'm mixing two 19-Nor, would need to increase Caber, and I just wouldn't see the benefits. So I use Tren for cutting. I eat less on a cut, and Tren helps with that as I don't feel like eating as much anyhow. Being the strongest AAS, it helps me retain muscle mass even on a huge deficit with DNP. Low doses are effective for retaining muscle mass, so the sides don't kill me. My go-to cycle is turning out to be 4 months bulk, 500:500:350 Test:NPP:Mast, then two months (or less) cut at 250:350:350 Test:Tren:Mast. (Test-E, all other are short compounds). Oh, one last thing, I get much less sides on low test with Tren than running mid-high test with Tren. 250:350 Test:Tren is almost side's free (except I need a lot of Zantac) whereas 500:350 Test:Tren gets me anxiety and sleep issues along with the regular acid reflux. Hope this helps. Remember everyone is different - you may be one of the lucky ones who's body loves tren and complains not.

Test npp dbol cycle

test npp dbol cycle


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