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“ As a primer for his next album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late serves its purpose of showing his longevity in the game. On “6 PM in New York,” he goes off for nearly four minutes about his career successes and several rappers (Tyga, maybe Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and The Throne) who name-checked him that’s very characteristic of the 6 God. “Your content is so aggressive lately, what’s irking you? / Shit is getting so personal on your verses, too / I want to prove that I am Number one overall these niggas / Being number two is just being the first to lose.” It seems holding the title of Best Rapper Alive means a lot more to him now than airing out personal confessionals. At 28, he’s very much hitting his stride in Rap, using every transitional moment to add one more compelling chapter to his narrative.”


Richard Shames MD, author of THYROID POWER and the best-selling book FEELING FAT, FUZZY, OR FRAZZLED?, offers personalized telephone coaching sessions focused on optimizing your 'Energy Triad' -- the thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive glands.

In your Personalized Coaching Session , Dr. Shames will help you...

  • Assess your risks
  • Get properly tested/diagnosed by your doctor
  • Know the pros/cons of your options
  • Find out which prescription drugs might be best for you
  • Explore foods and supplements that help
  • Create an individualized wellness plan just for you
Dr. Shames is a Harvard and University of Pennsylvania-educated practicing physician, who has specialized for the last 20 years in optimal hormone balancing, and individualized thyroid solutions. His new book, FEELING FAT, FUZZY, OR FRAZZLED? presents an endo-type approach to thyroid, adrenal, and sex gland balance. Order the book directly from Amazon now, or find out more online.

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From Mary Shomon

A fat Superman would never fly. A pudgy Spiderman can't swing. And an actor who can't get jacked on deadline doesn't have a shot at being a leading man in today's Hollywood. Given the choice between acting chops and physique, producers and directors will often choose the better body. Today studios make bigger bets on fewer movies, aiming for blockbusters that are more expensive and complex than ever to make and whose trailers and posters rely on a ripped leading man. An out-of-shape actor can force a director to recast roles, reshoot scenes, or use CGI effects, often at great expense. Once he is signed on for a role and a production schedule is set, the actor is expected to do whatever he has to to get in the shape required of his character. Fitness budgets are baked into most contracts; studios typically pay for trainers, nutritionists, and even home-delivered meals. Some studios make a point to hire their own trainers so they can control the outcome.

Toro labs steroids

toro labs steroids


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